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AZ Mindfree Project


The mission of the AZ Mindfree Project is to provide services, information and tools to assist people in their journey to recovery and wellness. AZ Mindfree Project will serve people currently receiving care, including those certified as having a serious mental illness (SMI) and those with substance abuse challenges, those seeking care, those practicing self-directed care, family members and any other who feels they can benefit from this project.


The vision of the AZ Mindfree Project is that every consumer of mental health or substance abuse treatment, including those who seek services outside of the traditional treatment system and those who prefer self-directed treatment, will have the information and support to get respectful and appropriate assistance on their journey to recovery.

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Crisis/Warm Lines
SMI Rights
AZ Administrative Code
Advance Directives
Ticket To Work
SAHMSA Evidence Based Practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
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Founstain House model
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Recovery is a journey rather than a destination.

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